• Cross-platform framework includes support for HTML5, live video cloud services.

    At the ad:tech conference, FlyCast announced the public beta release of its appMobi native mobile development ecosystem, a set of tools and cloud-based services that allow the creation and deployment of highly engaging smartphone and tablet apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For the first time, ad agencies and web developers can create native mobile apps and ads using tools they work with every day – HTML and JavaScript.

    Originally created to make cross-platform versions of FlyCast’s popular streaming media applications, the appMobi
    ecosystem offers “write once – deploy everywhere” capability, currently supporting both Apple and Android
    platforms. Unlike other cross-platform tools that only support the creation of an app, appMobi’s “ecosystem”
    delivers value after deployment, with pay-as-you-go advertising, analytics, payments, streaming media content
    from FlyCast’s content partners, and scalable cloud-based video and audio media streaming services. Because appMobi development is done in HTML with CSS, anything that can be designed for the web can be deployed as an app; appMobi uses no templates or “cookie cutter” forms.

    The appMobi ecosystem also supports cross-platform trafficking of HTML5-compliant interactive advertising to
    native apps. Interactive ads created using appMobi can be delivered across iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets with no modification needed. Apps and ads created with the appMobi ecosystem are full-speed native applications and fully comply with all Apple SDK 4.0 restrictions.

    Development with the appMobi ecosystem is free. FlyCast invites interested publishers, agencies and developers to
    sign up for a free account at its website (http://www.appmobi.com).

    About appMobi

    Created by FlyCast, appMobi is a cross-platform native app development and deployment ecosystem for smartphones and tablets. It allows any web developer with JavaScript experience to create and deliver mobile applications using
    only standard HTML tools. appMobi offers the ability to “develop once” and deploy to a variety of popular operating
    systems, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 (3Q 2010). For more information, visit http://www.appmobi.com.

    About FlyCast

    FlyCast was among the first to deliver streamed entertainment to the iPhone platform shortly after its inception, and continues to lead the way as a top ten application on multiple smartphone platforms, delivering over 2000 channels of entertainment to millions of users worldwide. FlyCast’s unique delivery architecture has been created to serve the needs of both consumers and content owners. Today’s announcement represents the first public disclosure of FlyCast’s new mobile content development and distribution technology. For more information, visit http://www.flycast.fm.

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