• MEDL Mobile, Inc., a leader in mobile application development and the company behind internationally successful apps such as Note to God and the #1 hit Mall Maps, has created a new app that brings the
    First Amendment to your fingertips with the introduction of Note to Obama. Note to Obama is a new mobile app where users are able to anonymously voice praise, express approval or disapproval or simply give a “shout out” to the tech-savvy 44th Commander in Chief. The app, which allows users to read other postings and stay in touch with public opinion, launched today and is available at http://www.medlmobile.com
    and at http://www.apple.com/itunes app store.

    Satisfied with the President’s overhaul of the U.S. health care system? Commend him on a job well done!

    Have ideas about the best way to improve the economy and lower the unemployment rate? Share your ideas with Obama and send him a note.

    Already in its first week, Note to Obama has generated such notes as:

    “hello, mr. obama. I am jordan davis & you are my inspiration.”

    “Pull all troops out of Iraq! Is politics and money worth more than someones son or daughter?”

    “Health care is ridiculously expensive. Have you looked at the NHS in the UK to reform? There are so many people who suffer because they can’t afford to be treated. We are a developed nation and supposed to be a super power.”

    Similar to MEDL Mobile sister apps Note to God and Note to Haiti, all notes are anonymous and cannot be identified by any other users. Also, be sure to double-check your facts and spelling because once you hit send your note is final!

    Most importantly Note to Obama is user-regulated: Share any note you’d like the President to read and if the people like it, your note gets the “upvote.” If your note is offensive or inappropriate, other users will vote it down.

    MEDL Mobile is proud to call Note to Obama a Shiny MEDL Object.

    MEDL Mobile was recently featured on CNBC’s “Planet of the Apps.” MEDL develops custom applications for people, companies, advertising agencies, consumer brands and themselves. MEDL’s “Shiny MEDL Objects” are apps that fascinate, entertain, connect and empower their users. MEDL has more than 35 applications available on the Apple App Store – with dozens more currently in development for iPhone, iPad and Android.


  • Retina-X Studios, LLC, announced today the immediate availability of Mobile Nanny for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows smartphones.

    This parental control service allows parents to monitor, filter and restrict their child’s smartphone with ease. The software records and blocks the activities the parent specifies, and can restrict usage of the device to a
    schedule the parent configures.

    According to 2010 data from a Pew Research survey, one in three teens send more than one hundred text messages per day. Many parents are not fully aware of what their child is texting about. With sexting on the rise, many parents have a responsibility to know whether or not their child is using a device safely and wisely.

    Mobile Nanny, a stealth application, allows parents to see every action their child performs, including every text message sent or received, every call dialed or received and every photo captured. Parents can view actions inside the hidden interface on the phone itself, or they can login to a secure Web panel from any Web browser to view logs and GPS locations.

    One Retina-X Studios customer, Mike Robertson, had the following to say about the company’s mobile monitoring software. “I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my child’s phone. I love this program. Its working great and helping me monitor all the text messages from the monitored phone.”

    Simply knowing what they’re doing isn’t enough. Certain actions performed by a child may need to be corrected. The program can block any phone number from SMS and calls. Websites and applications can also be blocked. The parent can even setup a specific time schedule that the phone can be used, thus restricting the time their child can use the device.

    “A teenager with an instant communication tool in the palm of their hands is a necessity in today’s world. However they are not adults, and many times they’re not yet mature enough to handle this type of technology. Mobile Nanny helps parents to bridge the gap between technology and safety,” states James Johns, CEO of Retina-X Studios.

    Mobile Nanny also includes instant SMS commands the parent can send to the child’s phone. This allows the parent to track where their child is at any given time using the Instant GPS Locate command. It also provides an anti-theft feature for tracking the number of any SIM inserted to the phone in case the phone is lost or stolen.

    A one-year subscription to Mobile Nanny is priced at $49.97 in the USA. This hybrid software and service supports Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile smartphones. The product is coming soon for Symbian OS and Windows Phone 7. For purchase and download information, visit http://www.mobile-nanny.com.
    About Retina-X Studios

    RXS designs and develops tools that let users monitor their individual PC, network or smartphone. Retina-X Studios products have been mentioned by Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest, PCWorld and other media outlets.

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