• Do you want to be able to track your journeys using a “Free Cell Phone Tracking Software“?

    Buddyway is a free GPS track software designed for mobile devices and allows you to track any mobile phone or PDA, as long as it has built-in GPS. However, if you have an older device and one that does not have GPS, then so long as it has Bluetooth you can purchase a GPS receiver for a small investment.

    To track your journeys in real time you need to register at BuddyWay and then install the application on to your mobile device.

    Once installed, you will be able to track your trips and even visualise them on Google Earth. Your trips can be saved so that you can share them with your friends and family in real-time. The BuddyWay software provides information on your trip about the duration, length, and even your altitude. You can also set the software to notify you of certain locations on your journey.

    With BuddyWay’s GPS cell phone tracking system you can:

     – Track and save your trips
     – Share your trips with your friends
     – View your trips in 3D in Google Earth
     – Show friends your location

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