• Motorola Mobile Devices replace Microsoft Office with Google Apps!

    Motorola are joining other companies and are moving away from Microsoft’s Office software suite which, up until recently, has enjoyed almost unrivaled domination of the mobile phone software market. Google is making it’s move on the software market after cleaning up in the search engine market with its Google Apps software.

    Motorola is leading the change and as a result will add a further 20,000 users to the enterprise Google Apps software and as a result will help lower Motorola’s operating costs.

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  • I am not sure I am ready to move away from MS Office just yet. It’s great to have the collaboration features of Google Apps, yet their online word and other applications aren’t fast or powerful enough for my liking. I don’t like the idea of waiting for a few microseconds every time i perform an action. For me, the intermediate approach works better for now. Use MS Office, and use a web 2.0 collaboration software like HyperOffice to collaborate on office files with others.

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