Skype Prime – Phone service where you charge people to call you!

Skype have “Skype Prime”, which is a service whereby you can set a charge for people to call you. So if you have a business whereby you offer a service that needs to be charged, for example, a telephone support line, then you can use Skype to provide this service.

So what is Skype Prime?

This service allows you to charge in one of two ways, either to charge by the minute, or to charge a fixed fee for the call. The good thing is that if you are already a Skype user then you can use Skype Prime and agree to the charge to use a company that charges for their calls.

How does the Skype Prime service work?

In the first instance when you call a Skype Prime service provider the call starts off free. The service provider will then send a payment request to the user for them to accept or decline. This payment request can either be for a one-off payment or a request for a fee per minute for the length of the call. The user will need to have a credit account with Skype for the charge to be credited to and the Prime Service Provider will then be credited via paypal for his portion of the fee.

For a list of service providers and types already providing Skype Prime click here…

Become an advisor using Skype Prime

You can apply to be a Skype Prime advisor if you are over 18 years old and have recognised experience and/or qualifications in the service you are providing – click here for more information

Guide for callers to Prime providers

Skype Prime is a great way to pick up new skills and advice from the comfort of your own home. Skype provides some guidelines on:

1. Help for you to choose an advisor.
2. Leaving reviews for other callers.
3. How to get the best value for your money.

Click here for more…

I am sure that this service will also get used for more adult services, such as phone sex and this will make it easier to do cross border premium rate charging on phone sex services.

Skype – cheap international calls

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