• New release provides an end-to-end cloud management platform for external, internal and hybrid clouds in a single console powered by the Workload Allocation Cube.

    6fusion, the leading provider of utility billed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) today announced the general availability of its latest cloud computing platform UC6 Version 3.0. The new release builds on the company’s core utility metering technology and includes a multi-tenant cloud management console, self-service workload creation and management and improved features to help customers orchestrate workload migration to the cloud.

    Leveraging 6fusion’s unique metering algorithm — the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) — the UC6 platform turns the cloud into a billable utility. Users can meter cloud resource usage and either cost allocate or bill based on actual computing resource consumption. Paying for Infrastructure as a Service using the WAC is like paying for electricity by the kilowatt, ensuring customers are only charged for what they actually use and providing improved transparency into cost and resource allocation. “With the release of UC6 Version 3.0, service providers and enterprises now have the tools necessary to turn the cloud into a truly utility-based model, regardless of whether they are using external, internal or hybrid cloud services,” said 6fusion CEO John Cowan.

    6fusion’s UC6 Version 3.0 provides an end-to-end cloud management platform for internal, external and hybrid
    clouds. “UC6 3.0 creates a single pane of glass through which enterprise customers, service providers and data center operators can provision and manage compute resources on a global basis,” explained Rob Bissett, 6fusion’s VP of Product Management. Through the UC6 user interface, customers can instantly deploy new cloud workloads to their own private infrastructure or infrastructure that belongs to multi-tenant service providers anywhere in the world.

    Another key feature is the Profiler module. Initially released as a stand-alone tool in 2009, Profiler comes fully
    integrated with UC6 3.0. “Profiler is a critical tool for our business because it unlocks valuable insight into the
    cost performance of an application, the number one barrier to cloud-based adoption,” said Greg Onoprijenko, Managing Director of Sales for e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants. “Our customers depend on Profiler to help determine and prioritize their cloud migration strategies.”

    UC6 3.0 can be deployed to create multi-tenant IaaS or within the private confines of an Enterprise data center. “We believe the future of the IaaS business rests with the capability to seamlessly bridge the business requirements of Enterprise customers with the technical capabilities of service providers,” said Cowan. Phil Santoni, CEO of Net Direct Systems, agrees. “We chose to partner with 6fusion because they built a platform that addresses many of the challenges facing cloud adoption within the Enterprise market,” said Santoni. “Net Direct System’s cloud service strategy is based on 6fusion’s ability to not just meter and
    bill compute resources, but also safely and securely permit the customer to outsource workloads on-demand to external data centers.”


  • Gladinet Announces Home Directory Support with Major Cloud Storage Services!

    Create user home directories in AT&T Synaptic Storage, Mezeo, Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Nirvanix, Google Storage, and more.

    When cloud storage access solution provider Gladinet (http://www.gladinet.com) launched its cloud-attached file server, Gladinet CloudAFS(TM), customer response was overwhelmingly positive.

    Users applauded the functionality of CloudAFS, which allows small and medium-sized businesses to attach cloud storage to their file servers, and seamlessly migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Now, in response to customer requests, Gladinet has added home directory support to CloudAFS.

    The new feature makes it easy to move users’ home directories – the locations where they store their files –
    from file servers into the cloud. The process is so simple that the creation of multiple home directory accounts can be automated by selecting a single checkbox during setup of Gladinet CloudAFS. And users will enjoy seamless access to their cloud home directories without additional Active Directory configuration.

    Gladinet CloudAFS gives small and medium-sized businesses the ability to add unlimited, on-demand cloud storage to their existing file servers. Using local storage as tier one, CloudAFS turns the cloud into tier-two storage. Users can access and back up their data in the cloud directly from their Windows, Mac and Linux environments via CIFS/SMB/NFS protocols, or directly from Cloud Desktop. The result is expanded secure storage capability at a cost significantly lower than that of adding additional on-site storage. By facilitating automatic home directory migration for multiple users, Gladinet CloudAFS extends these benefits to more
    corporate users using their preferred cloud storage service.

    “With the addition of multi-user home directory support, Gladinet Cloud AFS effectively bridges the gap between the power and low cost of cloud storage and the security and easy accessibility of the enterprise file server,” stated Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet. “The Gladinet developers came through for our customers wishing to migrate to the cloud, and we think users will be pleased with the outcome.”

    About Gladinet

    Founded in 2008, Gladinet started by providing users the convenience of a network drive attached to cloud storage. With the addition of products that attach cloud storage to file servers, backup to the cloud and create personal clouds, Gladinet is changing the way businesses access and use cloud storage through its widely accepted cloud storage access platform.

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