• As companies across virtually all industries watch their data libraries grow larger every year, many are looking for better ways to protect, manage and access that data.

    One solution that has seemed implausible is storing and accessing mission-critical data in the cloud directly from a local file system. But now, thanks to a partnership between Gladinet (http://www.gladinet.com) and Bycast (http://www.bycast.com), the Holy Grail of cloud computing is at last a reality.

    Bycast’s StorageGRID solution has been protecting, preserving and securing large volumes of data across multi-tier and multi-vendor storage media in mission-critical environments for many years. Automation and intelligent data management give StorageGRID users consistent, reliable access to data. The benefits to organizations of all sizes are considerable: by migrating data to Bycast mission-critical cloud storage, companies can ensure thorough automation and intelligent data management. StorageGRID ensures superior data protection and compliance while offering multi-site access and allows for business continuity and automated disaster recovery in any situation.

    Users can now migrate data from any cloud platform into StorageGRID through Gladinet’s Cloud Desktop. The world’s first ubiquitous cloud storage client transforms Windows Explorer into a cloud storage portal, giving users the flexibility to transfer directly from cloud services like Google Docs, Google Picasa, Google Docs for Google Apps, Windows Azure Blob Storage, EMC Atmos Storage, Amazon S3, Nirvanix, Box.net and AT&T Synaptic Storage into the enterprise-class clouds provided by the Bycast StorageGRID cloud gateway.

    “Other existing cloud storage solutions can only access the cloud through a Web browser or through proprietary systems, requiring costly custom development and ruling out the use of unmodified legacy applications,” explained Franklyn Peart, SVP Business Development, Gladinet. “As a result, files stored in clouds through such systems are not easily accessed or managed unless they are painstakingly transferred to the desktop — which begs the question: Where is the value in typical cloud storage solutions?”

    The value in Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Bycast StorageGRID, at least, is obvious. The highly scalable service makes it simple and safe to store large amounts of valuable data and seamlessly access it in the StorageGRID cloud directly from PC desktops throughout an organization. Users are no longer locked in to using certain cloud service vendors and can even transfer data to StorageGRID from multiple consumer cloud services if needed. The seamless integration between Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Bycast StorageGRID is flexible enough to allow users to create folder- or file-based backups in its drag-and-drop interface.

    “Gladinet’s partnership with Bycast makes seamless migration to mission-critical clouds a reality,” said Peart. “We are pleased to continue improving on the concept of cloud service and look forward to further innovation that will benefit organizations as they move into the cloud.”

    About Gladinet

    Founded in 2008, Gladinet launched its cloud services in spring 2009 with the release of its flagship product,
    Gladinet Cloud Desktop, which leverages the power of the Internet as a virtual PC, providing users the convenience of a virtual disk drive. An enabler of Web 3.0 technology, Gladinet is changing the way small and medium-sized businesses access and use cloud storage through its widely accepted, open-platform cloud storage services. Learn more at http://www.gladinet.com.

    About Bycast

    Bycast is the leading provider of advanced storage virtualization software for large-scale, mission-critical
    digital archives. Bycast StorageGRID software is allowing organizations in over twenty countries to optimize their storage infrastructure and to ensure the integrity and availability of their valuable data assets. To learn more about the company and its solutions, visit http://www.bycast.com.


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