• Technology giant Apple has cranked up the pressure on rival Google by unveiling a new advertising platform for the iPhone and iPad.

    Apple Google iAD

    Apple boss Steve Jobs unveils the new operating system at a special event

    The push into advertising forms part of the 4.0 operating system, which will be available on Apple’s hugely popular smartphone from the summer.

    Users of the iPad will have to wait until the autumn for the new software, whose upgrades include a multi-tasking capability that allows the use of several applications at once.

    Apple’s new advertising platform – dubbed iAd – marks its first foray into a small but growing market.

    It is expected to please the thousands of application developers who make their living from the iPhone and iPad, providing them with a new revenue stream.

    Bill Goodwin, news editor at Computer Weekly, told Sky News that iAd could pose a long-term threat to Google.

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