• Motorola Press Release

    Wireless Network Design and Network Management Software Suite Features New Version of Wireless Manager.

    BASINGSTOKE, UK – 20. May, 2009 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the global release of Wireless Manager 2.0, part of the One Point Wireless Suite which plays a key part in the design, deployment, management and ongoing protection of indoor and outdoor wireless broadband as well as wireless LAN networks.

    Compared to legacy wired networks, wireless IP networks can offer significant mobility and cost of ownership advantages, but they need to be planned and operated effectively in order to unlock their full value. The right network design and management is key to the performance and coverage of a wireless network. With the release of Wireless Manager 2.0, Motorola is reinforcing its unique position as the vendor with the most comprehensive end-to-end indoor and outdoor solutions portfolio in both Wireless LAN and Wireless Broadband.

    The One Point Wireless Suite features design tools that deliver highly accurate optimized network designs and provide reliable coverage and capacity for today’s most demanding voice, video and data applications.

    For effective management, the Suite includes Motorola’s RF Management Suite for configuration and ongoing performance monitoring of wireless LANs, Motorola AirDefense for 24/7 gap-free network protection and a new version of Wireless Manager for holistic management of indoor and outdoor networks.

    Wireless Manager 2.0 is a next generation advanced wireless network management tool which allows managers to see their entire wireless network in one unified and intuitive view, showing the real-world relationships and status of network elements – all from a single console. It provides a centralised point of control for indoor and outdoor wireless broadband networks and this new level of visibility is achieved through real-time, highly advanced network visualisations on an embedded Google map.

    Enterprises and government groups that manage both indoor WLANs and outdoor wireless broadband networks will gain significant benefits from this unique wireless network manager. One key benefit is the advanced live map-based network visualisation of indoor sites and outdoor links which allows managers to see how outages are geographically related and can speed up the recovery and restoration of network services.

    The One Point Wireless Suite also gives system integrators and consultants a more holistic way to design networks for their customers and an improved platform to recommend for management while network managers now have greater control of their networks, whether they are inside, outside or both.

    Phil Bolt, vice president, Wireless Broadband Engineering and Product Management, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions, said: “Today the benefits of adopting indoor and outdoor wireless broadband networks are growing more and more compelling but advanced and robust tools are needed to tackle the complexity of designing and installing these networks. Motorola has an end-to-end indoor/outdoor portfolio that helps deliver purpose-built wireless broadband networks to customers and is leading the industry in its holistic approach to simplifying network design, deployment and management. From network backhaul links all the way to the indoor and outdoor access layers, network deployment and management has never been this easy.”



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