• Finnish cell phone maker Nokia reported today a 30 percent drop in third-quarter net profit amid falling sales and lower prices for its handsets.

    Nokia said its market share was shrinking, ticking in at just 38 percent in the third quarter from 40 percent in the previous three-month period and from 39 percent in the third quarter of 2007.

    Net profit in July through September plummeted to 1.09 billion euros ($2.7 billion), from 1.56 billion euros a year earlier. Net sales dropped 5 percent to 12.2 billion euros ($16.6 billion), from 12.9 billion euros.

    Last month, Nokia had warned that its market share would drop because of price cuts by competitors, but said it would not change its strategy.

    “We said we would not participate in the aggressive pricing competition in the third quarter and I believe that the decision was correct and will repay us in the long run,” Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said.

    Despite the global financial meltdown, Nokia said it expects sales to increase in the final quarter, with a possible slight gain in market share. It repeated its estimate that the overall industry will grow 10 percent in 2008, reaching 1.26 billion cell phones sold by the end of the year.

    Nokia said it would continue to focus on providing Internet services for its mobile customers, including music, navigation services and games on handsets. This month it launched Comes With Music, which provides millions of tracks for download onto Nokia handsets, and introduced its first touch-screen phone in years, the Nokia 5800, in a challenge to rivals such as Apple’s iPhone.

    News reported by mobiledia.com, 17 October 2008

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  • Next week will be the G1 week as the whole of the mobile phone community set their eyes on the release of the much anticipated G1 Android Phone comes into reality. It’s the first Google phone, so everybody is excited. Finally, an iPhone killer has arrived, and so some people say.

    But first things first, the G1 is not really a Google-manufactured phone, like the iPhone is a genuine Apple product. The first G1 mobile handset is actually an HTC mobile phone powered by Google’s Android mobile platform and will be released through T-Mobile network. But since Google is the more popular market brand, it is but fitting that people call the phone the Google Phone. The HTC-Google phone is just the first mobile phone which will have the Android as its OS. Who knows which other mobile phone manufacturers are going to join the bandwagon as soon as they’ve found out how successful or not the first Google Phone would be. The G1 is up for release on October 22. Words on the streets say that there were already 1.5 million pre-orders for the unit. If that figure is true, well the G1 might be on the road to success then.

    While those who have pre-ordered the G1 awaits the shipment on October 22, some lucky tech geeks have already had their first taste of the G1 as early as last week. And the whole week, we’ve seen several of them writing out their initial impression of the Google phone. We’ve rounded some of these reviews of the Google Phone to help you gauge whether the Google phone is worthy of your money, is worthy of the monicker iPhone killer and is worthy of the attention that it is getting right now.

    Om Malik pointed out immediately that the G1 is certainly not an iPhone killer. The G1 lacks the sophistication of the iPhone touch screen features. But nonetheless he also pointed out that the G1 is certainly smartphone which fulfils what a mobile phone should do. Something which the iPhone failed to accomplis.

    CrunchGear’s Peter Ha on the other hand was not very pleased with the Android as an OS and contends with the fact that the Android is still in beta stage. Hence, it is not yet a powerful and robust mobile phone OS. But he nonetheless pointed out that the G1’s hardware would have to be the one to pull off the success factor for the G1.

    The Boy Genius Report wrote a very comprehensive review of the phone and pointed out that users will love the G1 for as long as they what it is. It is not a BlackBerry, nor a Sidekick but an adult Sidekick phone.

    Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani also got her hands on the G1 and said that she will never trade her iPhone for the G1 for reasons such as; the device bulky form factor, T-Mobile’s 3G coverage in her area which renders the G1’s GPS utterly useless, the inability of the phone to handle multiple Google accounts. But she also praised the G1’s fast mobile web browser which is as robust as the iPhone’s Safari browser, the copy and paste functionality which we all missed on the iPhone and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

    Gizmodo also has a comprehensive review of the G1 and declared that it is not a finished product yet. He pointed out that there are only three working Google Apps so far – Gmail, Maps and Calendar. Bottomline is, according to Gizmodo, still depends on users’ preferences. The phone is definitely better than other smartphones available in the market today. Hopefully more Google apps will be ported as well as more third-party apps will be developed.

    Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital thinks that the G1 is a very good first effort and a godsent for people who prefer physical keyboard. He also pointed out the inferiority of the G1’s user interface as copared to the iPhone, particularly the lack of ability to flick between multiple pictures and web pages or to zoom in and zoom out of a photo or web page.

    Suzanne Choney of MSNBC immediately noticed the striking resemblance of the G1 with that of the iPhone particulary the black-slab form factor. But she pointed out that Google has done a good job of making the phone one of the easier-to-maneuver touchscreen smartphones, thanks to the Google Android platform. She thinks that the G1 is not as fluid and simple to use as the iPhone but it will be a popular alternative for those who don’t like the iPhone or AT&T as their wireless carrier.

    Reported by cellphonenews.com, October 18, 2008

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