• If you are unsure about the phone sex service to use this article might help you – You might be worried about not getting the best phonesex service for your money.

    There are a number of websites that claim they are the “UK’s leading Phone Sex provider” or that they offer “the best phone sex services” however, one of the most important aspects is the introduction to the service. Other claims are that the service is at “best possible service at the best price”, well the price on the Internet range from 35p per minute right up to £1.50 per minute. One could argue that you get what you pay for, but this might not necessarily be the right way to look at using this service. If you find the right lady to tlak with, then this is probably the most important “rule”.

    As you appreciate, you pay for the time you are on the telephone, whether that is at 60p per minute or at £1.50 per minute, so the shortest introductions before you speak with on of the phone sex representatives is key. The introduction should not be any longer than around 20 seconds, which is required under PhonepayPlus rules, so all the legal annoucement about how much the phone sex service costs are necessary, if not then you might want to consider reporting the service provider to PhonepayPlus.

    An important aspectof the service too is whether the phone sex operators enjoy what they do and that they are happy in their work – you should be able to gage this when you speak with the girls, and if you are not happy then choose another Premium Rate Provider. You might also be able to gage their attitude and what they sound like by listening to their unique personal greeting message. For those first time callers this is an important spect of phone sex services, as all girls have different tastes and likes and dislikes, just like you do, this way you are sure to find the perfect partner to have great phonesex with.

    How does a usual Phone Sex service work?

     – Firstly you will dial the number of the chosen phone sex service.
     – Listen to the obligatory 20 second or so legal and service introduction.
     – First-time users will need to browse through the personal messages of available phone sex operators.
     – Existing users will be able to select a phone sex operator directly that they want to talk with.
     – Usually, within 5 seconds you will be connected to your chosen operator who will usually be located in the privacy of her own home.

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