• Logic Wireless, creators of the projector cell phone technology, announces that it will be displaying the world’s most powerful cell phone at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The Logic Bolt V1.0 first gained widespread attention when the international press considered it the breakout hit of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Both models are GSM Quadband handsets that project phone content onto any surface up to 64″. This is achieved through an integrated mobile projector.

    According to Logic Wireless CEO, Aasim Saied, “Logic Wireless has firmly established its place in the global
    arena for many years to come. Our smaller size and higher quality allows us to be more nimble and tailor more products to the consumers’ needs.”

    In 2010 Logic Wireless released the Bolt V1.5 for a test market launch. More streamlined than its 1.0 counterpart, the Bolt 1.5 offers significant upgrades to the OS and software, as well as a much smaller form factor. These upgrades not only signify the technological stamina that Logic Wireless offers to the cellular phone industry, but also make the Bolt V1.5 the sleekest, most efficient phone projector produced to date. The new model is so small and versatile that it is being positioned as the next evolutionary step to the business and social networking arenas.

    Logic Wireless is also gearing up to introduce an advanced green energy technology along with a powerful patent-pending high-definition projector cell phone, scheduled to debut in 2011. Given the innovation Logic Wireless has displayed with its early projects, cornering the market in green technology is sure to make it a mainstay.

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